Men’s Ministry

Pay careful attention to yourselves and to all the flock, in which the Holy Spirit has made you overseers, to care for the church of God, which he obtained with his own blood.

men's bible study

Men's Bible Study is an avenue for men to study, pray, and discuss specific issues as men. It’s also a great time to drink some coffee and share war stories together.

Meetings are on Monday mornings at 9:00 am at Grace Coastal Church.

Pirate Monks

Get Connected. Go Deeper.

Pirate Monks of Hilton Head is a weekly meeting for men wrestling with addiction, life issues, fears, and destructive behaviors. It serves to provide a safe environment for men to honestly and openly address these issues that often plague them.

Pirate Monks is a member of The Samson Society. The Samson Society was begun by Nate Larkin after he published his life story battling addiction titled Samson and the Pirate Monks.
Pirate Monks seeks to develop “Silas” relationships so we do not fall in the trap of looking to solve life’s problems alone. While we seek the direction of the Holy Spirit in our lives, we believe that we as men need an open environment to delve deeper in our personal issues. Instead of hiding, evading, and living in denial, we must face the reality of our situations, thoughts, and failed actions. We commit to each other and to our Lord in this battle.

Weekly we acknowledge we are:
Natural loners – who have recognized the dangers of isolation and are determined to escape them.
Natural wanderers – who are seeking a path in life that we can’t seem to find.
Natural liars – who are now finding freedom in the truth.
Natural judges – who are learning how to judge ourselves instead of others.
Natural strongmen – who think we can do it on our own but are wrong.

This is not:
A recovery program - A step program - A church group - A men’s group - A place to hide from our real issues

To sum it up, we are fellow travelers seeking truth and peace in our very imperfect lives. We encourage men of all ages who are struggling with issues of their heart to attend meetings as well as:
Read Samson and the Pirate Monks by Nate Larkin.
Visit for more resources.
Stay committed to your other recovery programs (AA, NA, SA, CR et. Al.)
Take the time to build a friendship here…this will not be a benefit if you come for 1 hour a week.

Tuesday nights @ 8:00 pm

Meeting ends promptly at 9:00pm. All meetings are held in the strictest confidence.

James Project

The James Project is an initiative for men and boys offering hands-on projects in the community. These projects are outreach projects to serve our local area with any needs that may arise. While working together in ministry, men form strong bonds.

The James Project Mission
  • Serve the local community in projects that require hands-on work
  • Create fellowship opportunities for men and boys
  • Reach our community by showing God’s love in acts of service